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Purposeful Change was founded to provide guidance to those who seek self-actualization. We believe teaching individuals the skills of self regulation is key to finding purpose and engage in emotional, physical, psychological and social transformation. At Purposeful Change we see the person as a whole and employ a person-centred, collaborative and integrative approach to therapy.
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Counselling & Psychotherapy

A wide range of talk therapies to help you manage challenges and foster personal growth.


Online Counselling

The benefits of online counselling show equal effectiveness to in-person therapy.

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Corporate Trainings

Understanding the needs of your employees is essential to nurturing high performance teams.

Your Purpose, Our Support

Providing you with an integrative and person-centred approach


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Purposeful Change is cultivating a movement just for you and your journey with lots of education, inspiration and free content to help you towards your highest self. Follow our high vibe content and engage as part of our therapeutic online community @purposeful.change

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