Psychotherapy session with an Apple Vision Pro headset

With the recent release of the Apple Vision Pro headset, I am excited to share some of the ways we can expect to see mental health treatment expand and revolutionize. As an integrative psychotherapist, I have spent almost two decades working with patients struggling with some aspect of mental health challenges. I am not new to dreaming of a future where we can use technology to expand our understanding of the human mind and body. Unlike many of my colleagues, I am not threatened by technology and see it as a valuable and necessary tool to improve treatment outcomes. My philosophy has always been driven by helping people make purpose driven changes. Keeping informed on cutting edge research and technology is one way I equip myself and my clients with up-to-date treatment options.

Apple Vision Pro as a psychotherapy wellness tool

The usages of the Apple Vision Pro headset in the treatment of mental health are boundless

We have a lot of research to tell us the positive outcomes of exposure to nature on our physical and mental health. Outcomes range from improved executive function in young adults1, improvement in pain management2, as well as improving anxiety and depression3 . In a number of research studies images of nature found therapeutic value, though being in nature was seen to yield better results. Immersive nature experiences using the headset could offer those of us with busy city lives, as well as those individuals with accessibility challenges imperative access to a powerful wellness tool.

Treating anxiety and phobias in a safe virtual environment

I’ve personally always been excited by the fact that our brain can experience imagined things as reality. Though most therapists focus on how this can create drawbacks in wellness, e.g. believing negative intrusive thoughts despite facts, I believe in reverse engineering our biology (or neurobiology) to work for us. If my brain believes what I tell it, and its currently telling me I can’t go out safely, I want to help my clients imagine ideas related to going out working through all concerns and arriving at resilience and nervous system regulation. With Apple’s new VR headset my clients can experience an immersive and realistic feel to graded exposure rather than relying on their ability to conjure up a visual whilst simultaneously repelling the uncomfortable image.

Experience Real Change: VR Psychotherapy

As a psychotherapist, I often work with individuals struggling with social anxieties, social phobias, OCD, and body image issues. Post-pandemic, the number of individuals struggling to re-integrate socially has increased by 25% according to the World Health Organization (WHO). These challenges can obstruct a client’s motivation to seek treatment, further isolating them, extending time before accessing treatment, and seeing a significant deterioration in symptoms. Virtual reality psychotherapy is no longer the future, we are there right now! Purposeful Change Psychotherapy is proud to be a pioneer in the mental health space, launching an Apple Vision Pro clinic helping our hardest to reach clients.

Revolutionize Mental Health Treatment With Apple Vision Pro Headset

Psychiatry and psychotherapy are specialist areas of medical treatment that, till now, haven’t had accessible tools for us to observe the outcomes on the organ we aim to treat. With the introduction of Apple Vision Pro headset, we can take technologies we currently have and catapult the experience with potentially unseen outcomes in mental health treatment. Using Apple Vision Pro headset in therapy with clients allows therapists to work alongside intelligence designed to help us understand more about human emotion, learning, and trauma (see research on human emotion, body language and eye movement). I eagerly await the future as it presents on our doorstep and embrace the opportunity to bring clients healing we only dreamed of.

If you are interested in learning more about psychotherapy with Apple’s latest VR/AR headset, we invite you to reach out for a consultation.

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Written by Sukaina Nathoo

Sukaina Nathoo is the founder of Purposeful Change Psychotherapy. Sukaina is highly trained in several therapy approaches and offers a customized approach to treatment.

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An image of Sukaina Nathoo, Registered Psychotherapist
Sukaina Nathoo

Registered Psychotherapist

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I’m accepting new clients with no waitlist.