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Sun Life psychotherapy claim submission using the my Sun Life app

Learn about Sun Life insurance coverage for psychotherapy and mental health services

We’ve done research to create a complete breakdown on Sun Life’s coverage for psychotherapy. Our goal is to help you better understand the details of your mental health policy within Sun Life’s group or health benefits package. We also want to help you make the most of your Sun Life extended healthcare benefits so you can access psychotherapy as you need.

Mental health issues are a significant concern in Canada, affecting individuals from all walks of life. In fact, one in five Canadians experience mental challenges in any given year, exemplifying the magnitude of this issue.

The stigma associated with mental health often serves as a barrier to individuals seeking help, however, many Canadian health insurance providers have made significant strides in recent years to increase awareness and access to mental health resources. Insurance providers like Sun Life Canada, offer great coverage for psychotherapy, counselling and other mental health services.

Sun Life’s commitment to mental health

Supporting your mental health and overall well-being

Sun Life Canada has made a powerful commitment to providing comprehensive mental health coverage to its clients. This insurance provider understands that mental health is an essential component of overall well-being and aims to make sure that policy members have access to the resources they need to cope with life’s ups and downs. As part of this commitment, Sun Life Canada provides coverage for psychotherapy sessions, which can be a crucial resource for individuals or working professionals struggling with anxiety, stress, depression, and other mental health experiences.

Whether you’re seeking individual therapy, family therapy, or couples counselling, Sun Life Canada is there to support you on your mental health journey through financial reimbursement. With their commitment to making psychotherapy coverage accessible and affordable, it can help reduce the added financial stress you might face when searching for the right support. Sun Life is one of many insurance providers in Canada that understand the importance of investing in one’s mental health and how it can positively impact all aspects of life, holding steadfast in their commitment to supporting individuals on their mental health journey and ensuring that financial reimbursement is readily available for plan members.

In recent years, Sun Life launched their Lumino Health platform. Through Lumino Health, users can access a wide range of patient-rated health-care providers across the Canada, including psychotherapists. Their platform includes a provider search where users can find psychotherapists and view various providers and services. It’s worth noting that Purposeful Change Psychotherapy is listed with Lumino Health and our registered psychotherapists can be found there.

Step-by-step guide on submitting your psychotherapy claim to Sun Life for reimbursement

Submitting your psychotherapy claim is a straightforward process that ensures quick reimbursement for your eligible expenses

With everything being digital nowadays, it’s never been easier to submit psychotherapy claims to Sun Life for financial reimbursement. We found that the quickest way to reimbursement is to use the my Sun Life (Canada) app which allows you to easily submit your claims, keep track of your psychotherapy coverage and use their favourites feature to bookmark your preferred Sun Life psychotherapy providers.

For you to receive reimbursement, there are a couple of important points to keep in mind. Sun Life must receive the claim no later than 90 days after the end of the benefit year in which you incurred the psychotherapy expenses or the end of your extended health care coverage. It’s worth making a habit to submit your claim promptly to avoid any delays in getting your claim processed and paid out.

Here’s how to submit your psychotherapy claim to Sun Life:

  1. First things first, you’ll need a copy of your psychotherapy invoice or payment receipt. You’ll most likely receive this through email. Psychotherapy receipts typically contain the date of your session, the length of your session, the name of the registered psychotherapist you’re working with and their registration number. This information is important to have on hand when you’re submitting your claim. If you’re accessing you’re receipt on your phone, take a snapshot of it. On an iPhone, press the side button and volume up button at the same time, it’ll save a picture of your receipt in your photo reel.
  2. Next, log in to the my Sun Life app. If you don’t have the app yet, we suggest downloading it from either the Apple of Google Stores. You can also access my Sun Life’s platform through the web browser but the app is much more efficient.
  3. Once you’re logged in, you can start inputting the details of your claim. Under the benefits tab, you’ll select ‘Submit a claim’. Psychotherapy is under the ‘Medical’ claim type. Under this section, you’ll then select who the claim is for, the coverage type of ‘Mental Health Services’ and select the expense type of ‘Psychotherapist’. Continue through the remaining step-by-step instructions and upload a copy of your psychotherapy receipt. Once your claim is submitted, you should be reimbursed within 2 business days.

To submit claims through the my Sun Life mobile app, enrollment in direct deposit is required. If you prefer more traditional ways of submitting claims, Sun Life has a Extended Health Care Claim Form that you can fill and mail in.

Make use of your Sun Life mental health coverage

Consider these suggestions to fully utilize your Sun Life psychotherapy coverage and improve your mental health

Verify your mental health coverage

Review your benefits plan to confirm the details of your psychotherapy coverage, including the amount covered, any specific conditions or limitations and combined maximums. From our research, we found that Sun Life’s mental health coverage includes psychologists, social workers, psychotherapists, clinical counsellors and licensed family therapists. We’ve seen coverage amounts of up to $5000/year or more for mental health in certain plan options.

Use it or lose it

Have you ever heard the term, use it or lose it? Most employed professionals typically have mental health coverage in their Sun Life group benefits. These coverage balances renew annually. Meaning if, for instance, your plans mental health coverage is $2500/year, and you only use $500 of it, you forfeit the unused amount. Even if you may not be struggling with mental health, engaging in therapy can help promote personal growth, increase resilience, self-esteem, and well-being.

Choose a psychotherapist

The Sun Life Lumino Provider Search tool is designed to help users locate mental health professionals within the Sun Life Lumino Health network, allowing you to find psychotherapists, or other mental health services covered by Sun Life insurance plans. Within this search tool, you’ll also find Purposeful Change Psychotherapy, and the featured provider profiles of our registered psychotherapists.

Attend sessions

Book and go to your scheduled psychotherapy sessions consistently. Keep a record of your visits and request detailed invoices or receipts from your psychotherapist after each session. Make a habit of submitting your claims shortly after your therapy session to ensure quick reimbursement of session fees.

Have questions? Chat with a Sun Life listed psychotherapist

We hope that this complete breakdown on Sun Life’s coverage for psychotherapy has helped shed some light on their mental health coverages and how you can make the most out of your healthcare benefits.

Mental health is just as important as physical health and it’s crucial to prioritize it in our lives. With the coverage provided by Sun Life, it’s now easier than ever to seek professional help for any mental health concerns without worrying about financial barriers. By understanding your coverage and knowing what parameters to look out for, you can effectively maximize and utilize your benefits for psychotherapy sessions, ultimately leading to a happier and more healthy lifestyle.

We encourage all Sun Life benefit plan members to take advantage of this valuable resource and prioritize their mental well-being. Schedule a call with one of our Sun Life featured providers and get started with psychotherapy at Purposeful Change.

Frequently asked questions

Does Sun Life cover psychotherapy?

Depending on your plan option, Sun Life covers psychotherapy for individuals within their mental health services category. This category also includes coverages for mental health practitioners such as social workers, psychologists, clinical counsellors and licenses family therapists. It’s best to check your specific coverage to understand your coverage amount and your combined annual maximums.

Will Sun Life reimburse me for marriage counselling?

If you benefits plan includes mental health coverage, you should be covered as long as the service was provided by a mental health professional (psychologist, social worker, psychotherapist or clinical counsellor). You can confirm your coverage for couples therapy by calling the Sun Life Benefits Centre at 1-866-944-2431.

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