There is a lot of confusion around self- care, it is not a day at the spa it rarely costs a cent.

It’s re-parenting yourself, acting in your own best interest rather than continuing down the path of self- betrayal. It’s showing up for yourself when you’ve not seen your parent’s model this for you. 

Time is used so often as an excuse. It’s easy to say “I don’t have time” it’s difficult to face the reality you’re scared. We don’t talk enough about how difficult self- care is emotionally. 

Few of us feel worthy, almost every adult walking around this world is riddled with guilt of self- betrayal. People have lost the ability to trust themselves. They cannot follow through on their word, and the result is the feeling of being out of control and resentful.

Going through our dark night of the soul is self care.

Crying while we push ourselves to do things we don’t want to do but know is ultimately good for us is self care.

Feeling isolated while we improve our lives because our friends are enabling our old ways is self care.

Getting lightheaded, anxious or frustrated because we’re going through sugar withdrawals is self care.

Being incredibly sore after your first time exercising in months or years is self care.

Feeling anxious because you’re removing all the clutter you’ve been stockpiling is self care.

Experiencing exhaustion while you adjust yourself to a healthier sleeping schedule is self care.

If self- care was a day at the spa it would only be for some of us, the privileged.

It doesn’t have to feel good and fluffy for it to be self- care. Sometimes it pushes you out of your comfort zone and in to the zone of improvement.

The mind constantly seeks comfort. Improvement isn’t comfortable. Make purposeful changes.

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Photo by Noah Buscher