Online Counselling

There are a number of names for online counselling such as e-therapy, e-counselling, telehealth, cyber counselling and internet therapy. Online counselling and e-therapy utilize technologies such as the internet and computers or smart devices to let you access timely help remotely. This can mean scheduling an appointment with ease whilst travelling, managing a busy schedule as well as accessing late evening appointments with comfort wherever you are.

Online counselling is a modern stance on accessing support with ease, safety and convenience. The strain on the healthcare system means you could be left waiting years to access professional help particularly for mental health and addiction services. Accessing e-counselling with Purposeful Change means hearing from a professional soon after requesting help.

Deciding to start therapy can include experiencing a whole host of emotions. The idea of e-therapy doesn’t need to overwhelm you. The benefits of online counselling have been well researched to show equal effectiveness to in-person therapy.

Often when we are struggling with challenges we can feel stretched thin and don’t feel like we can add any more to our plates. E-Counselling is affordable and accessible so that you can book and attend your appointment even when you are finding it difficult to get out of bed or go out.

Some of the benefits of online therapy are:
  • Attend from the comfort of your home
  • Get help right away
  • Accessible even when it’s hard to get out of bed
  • Save travel time
  • Save travel costs
  • No uncomfortable clinic appointments
  • Convenient for busy schedules
  • Easy if it’s hard to travel
  • More confidentiality
  • Appointments managed online
  • Search and book your next appointment at the touch of a button

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